Ask Believe Receive Cropped Crewneck (2 Colors)

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Ask Believe Receive

Manifestation is the art of having a deep inner knowing that you deserve all that you desire. 

Focus on the desired outcome. Take inspired action. Visualize your success in detail. Release limiting beliefs. Allow the process to unfold. Detach and accept that you will receive in divine timing. Express and embody gratitude for what is already yours.

This design is a guide on how to manifest anything you desire.

  • Crewneck is true to size, relaxed fit, boxy fit, long crop, lightweight
  • If you'd like the tee to fit more snug and hug your body size down, if you are okay with slightly oversized stick to your typical size, if you'd like to wear very oversized size up to add length and bagginess.
  • Wash in cold water inside out and either hang to dry or dry in low heat. Do not iron over design. if ironing is needed place parchment paper over design first.