I'm Okay Or Whateva Pullover Sweatshirt

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For those days when you aren’t all the way okay, but you pull yourself together to get through your day or whateva...
We’ve all done it. We try to be positive through the hard times and keep it moving, some days the struggle is so freaking real and it’s hard to be all the way okay but giving yourself permission to feel what you feel then deciding you’re going to smile anyway is so freaking powerful!💪🏼

•Grey Sweatshirt has a worn in, washed out grey hue and the design is baby pink

• Sweatshirt is in Unisex sizing: I suggest sizing down if you’d like the sweatshirt to fit more snug. If you don’t mind a relaxed loose fit stick to your usual women’s T-shirt size. If you’d like an oversized fit, size up!

•Wash and dry in low heat and do not iron on design, if ironing is required over design place parchment paper over design first!